Vancouver Island Bead and Jewellery Show

The Vancouver Island Bead and Jewellery Show (VIBJS) is one-of-a-kind on Vancouver Island. It is a bead & jewellery show dedicated to jewellery making and finely crafted artisan jewellery, with an emphasis on fashion trends.

It is a retail and semi- wholesale show with exhibitors from Ontario, Alberta & of course, beautiful B.C. If you love beads and jewelry vancouver island bead & jewellery show Victoria BC Tamara & Cherylmaking you will be amazed at the lessons that are available. You have everything from glass bead-making, working with copper, bronze, silver, seed beading and even clay beads! Check out the fantastic classes here

What “inspired” Cheryl Bevan Gellor, owner of Serenity Pearls, a pearl importer, supplier and jeweller. to start the Vancouver Island Bead and Jewellery Show?

Two years ago, Cheryl took her “wealth & knowledge” of pearls, & set out on her journey into the world of Bead & Jewellery Shows starting with one on the Lower Mainland. This is where she was going to introduce herself and her pearls. After being exhausted from travelling miles by ferry, to the show, “the penny dropped,” to quote Cheryl. What am I doing? There has to be a new and better way. Did you know that there has never been a Bead & Jewellery Show on Vancouver Island? So with her” little bag of intuition and knowledge”, thus began her adventure & journey, along with co-founder Tamara Knott, to follow their dreams by becoming the lst ever……..Vancouver Island Bead and Jewellery Show.

This is definitely “KNOT” your average bead show. If you are on-trend with Fashion & Home Decor, this is the place to be. I have gathered a few hot tips on what to look for at the VIBJS and how to transform beads and jewellery into magical items.


Every season is dedicated to different colour palettes. Fall 2014 is a season full of colours like Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Aurora Red ( rusts), Misted Yellows, Sangria ( burgundy), cognac ( brown) & cypress green. All these colours are influenced and inspired by exotic destinations like Africa, India, Peru & Turkey. Thus began the fashion statement of tribal necklaces, bracelets and other accessories.

Layered bangles are a real hit.
Sangria ( burgundy), cognac ( brown) & cypress green. All these colours are influenced and inspired by exoticdestinations like Africa,

India, Peru & Turkey. Thus began the introduction of tribal necklaces, bracelets & other fashion statements.

Raw crystals, pearls and rhinestones can be gathered together to make a bohemian/tribal look, whether it be studs, pendants, necklaces (such as backdrop necklaces).

Earrings and wrist cuffs, with an eye catching arrangement of pearls,  beads & jewellery. Head turners can be made with beads & jewellery to make ornate chandelier earrings.

Bracelets by Deborah Groenheyde @ VIBJS Oct 4&5


Recreate the jungle in your own home with tribal influenced accessories. Your friends & family will feel as if they are travelling in an exotic country. The colours and shapes provide a calming effect almost as if you were peacefully floating down a river in the jungle.

Mud Chandelier with clay white beads & ivory. A real show top stunner!



So, where did all this “BLING” business begin?

Bling or (bling-bling) is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious, or elaborate jewelery & ornamented accessories that are carried, worn or installed onto anything your” little hearts desire.”


How to use rhinestones to make beautiful crafts, DIY Decor and homemade gifts. Some of the gorgeous things to make with rhinestones
are bling home decor, bling phone cases, bling lamp shades, bling converse ( ones customed to your liking), bling belts, camera strap & jewellery. Bling crafts are so popular because they are inexpensive and make “blingtastic” things. So, why not add some bling to your life.”

Another way you can bring the bling into your home décor. Try pearls in water as a centre piece, fill the bottom of a clear vase with water & add your favorite beads & floating candles.

Pillows/Cushions: Check out the fantastic “mixed media” pick up tool-Glitter Grabber by Crystal Katana. This great tool aids in gluing & placing small pearls, beads, stones & sequins for a great home revamping.

Look for Tamara Knott- she sells this tool at the VIBJS

Beads and crystals can add eye-catching style to your light fixtures. What about beaded Chandeliers? Gather some fantastic turquoise or coloured beads to make a fantastic statement like these for your home.

Go to Houzz for more spectacular light fixture inspirations.

Can you imagine coffee beans as a decorating idea? Think coffee beans, jewellery & vanilla. I love this combination. Whether you are selling or dwelling, it instantly gives the room that heavenly aroma. It’s a purposeful and beautiful idea for kitchens and bathrooms.

In the Spring, when I went to this Fair, I absolutely loved everything about it. The selection and quality of the items is out of this world. I am a hugefan of small businesses & I love to support local businesses like the founders & organizers of this Fair; Cheryl Bevan Gellor & Tamara Knott. These ladies know how to surround you with beauty and excite your creative side with gorgeous products. Treat yourself and attend the VIBJS October 4 & 5th. You will be glad you did. This truly is a show for jewelery makers, jewelery lovers & everyone in between!

See you there!

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