“Carell-Ayne’s staging abilities worked perfectly in my living room. She reduced the clutter in areas of the room and also added touches of colour that complemented the over all look.

These small changes made such an improvement to the room, a very satisfying conclusion.”

~ Barb E., Sidney BC




tes1“Carell-Ayne helped me create a functional, beautiful office space in my home.

She advised me where to place my furniture, what colours would look great on the walls, and what decoration would work best for me and my personal

She was professional, knowledgeable and kind. I especially appreciated how she worked with the pieces I already had in my home.

I now have a lovely office that inspires me every day. Thank you, Carell-Ayne!

Listen to Sarah’s testimonial below:

~ -Sarah Daviau, Piece of Cake Communications



“Not only was Carell-Ayne able to work within our budget,but she has a gift of being able to translate what I wanted into a “WINNING” home.

I would never have thought of the colour brown. With Carell-Ayne’s help, it transformed my room. It allows me to continue using the furniture that I have, until I can purchase new furniture in my new home.”

~ Dawne C., Mission BC




“Thank you Carell-Ayne for making my home so much more presentable while maintaining its livability all with my existing furniture and accessories. I am amazed how a seemingly simple rearrangement and addition of one mirror could make such a difference.”

~ Dave L., Sidney BC




“Carell-Ayne has a good personality and is not pushy. She wanted to know what I was comfortable with. We started in the bedroom – I pulled a whole pile of things to immediately get rid of. We looked at the room afterwards and we were happy with the balance. Then we went into the living room and then the kitchen and did the same thing. I thought I would have to change a lot more. I was pleased with the results. I would highly recommend her.”

~ Glenda K., North Saanich BC