Reflections on Mother’s Day 2014

She wasn’t Mother Teresa, she was my Mother!

I am the daughter of a nun, well not exactly… she was an ex-nun. However, when she couldn’t align Carell-Ayne Whalen and Familyher views of marriage & children with the church, she was ex-communicated.
Her life made a three hundred & sixty degree turn, with my dad, sister and myself. She never once shared her experience. I was blessed to have her in my life for fourteen short, wonderful years.


Then one day, out of nowhere a horrific, life changing event  knocked at our door. To say the least, my sister & I were changed forever. My special mother developed cancer. We thought she had it licked, however, even her positive attitude & her children couldn’t keep her cancerous body, from taking her life. How could my mother, so full of life, with so much left to do and give, have perished? It wasn’t fair!


With all my blessings, I never even dreamed about being a motherless daughter. Believe me, I was not ready for the initiation into this club. I mean, is one ever ready to lose a mother?


The tools & life lessons she gave me, were invaluable. Not from what she said, but by her actions. Some of the lessons were, your past does not define you. You learn from your challenges, and move forward. And moving forward is not about quitting. It’s about removing things in your life that are no longer valuable.


As a result, every Mother’s Day in May, I quietly honor and celebrate her. I am forever grateful to my mother for giving me life, and for our precious moments together. She taught me to never give up which continues to allow me to see my business and personal life from a different perspective.


Mother’s Day is not only a day where every woman who has given birth should be treated special. It’s a time for recognizing those relatives or special friends who have greatly influenced our lives.


There have been several very special influences in my life, my aunt, my cousin and all of my dear and loving friends. However, it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I was blessed to meet and develop a very special friendship over the years with Mimi. Today Mimi is 90 years young, and can run circles around me. She became the mother figure I missed and the close friend I always wanted. She is the sister everyone would want. She is the true and special friend that everybody deserves. In fact, I blame her and my mother for introducing me to my love of fashion & home décor. Not to mention the fact, that I grew up at auctions, flea markets & garage sales.


So, what are you doing for that special “lady” on Mother’s Day?
Forget the normal flowers, candy & brunches. Why not try something different? Here are a few ideas:


♦Reupholster her favourite chair, add new legs & casters………then… “Bob’s your Uncle!” Brand new chair! (you can search for “how to reupholster a chair” to find video tutorial)


♦Is there a piece of furniture that’s sitting in her garage that she doesn’t know what to do with? Offer to paint it and add some new hardware/knobs. Check out this super cool new glass hardware by local Victoria BC artist Michelle Frost of Frosty by Design. Not the do-it-yourself type? You can hire Michelle to refinish it for you.


♦What about helping to declutter and/or decorate her “woman’s power centre” in her home office. She can celebrate her feminine style with comfort, style & productivity.


Are you feeling stressed because you haven’t time to shop for a Mother’s Day gift & you have no time for any of the above? Why not offer your special lady a choice of gift with these printable coupons (the printable coupons are a gift from us to you, but it’s up to you to provide the service/help ; ) You can print these coupons below and tuck them into your Mother’s Day card for a unique surprise!
FREE Chair Reupholstering coupon
Furniture refinishing coupon
Home office declutter coupon


Reminder – These coupons are just for fun and you are responsible for providing the service if you give these to Mom ; )


Carell-Ayne Whalen is a professional home stylist & stager in Victoria, BC who helps her clients refresh their living space to create a home where they enjoy spending time, and feel proud of, without breaking the bank. You can learn more about her here:


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2 thoughts on “Reflections on Mother’s Day 2014

  1. Dear Carell-Ayne, I love your mother’s day story and the lessons you have learned. Thank you for sharing and the added bonus for mother’s day special treats. I look forward to reading more tidbits of information of your life and your expertise with design.

  2. I read your ‘Mom’ story –and about Mimi– very real, and authentic. Thank you for that— even got me to hinking htat I have a chair that needs upholstering!
    I missed you at the seminar and invite you to at least come as a guest– Wednesdays— 120 in the the BEING extraordinary seminar!! The more I get to know you, the more i am inspired by who you are!! Lots of love, moneca

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