Make sure you highlight the best architectural features when selling…

‘The way you live in your home, is not the way you sell your house’ has been a PRES staging mantra for over 10 years now. We were staging this gorgeous heritage home in Vancouver and wanted to highlight the best architectural features. Currently you don’t really notice them.

The home seller was using this room as their family room. The furniture is not well placed and quite frankly it just doesn’t work as a family room. After trying a few different furniture configurations we decided that this room was not going to be a family room after all.

As home stagers we often ‘think outside the box’ and see what we can do to enhance the look of each room making each room’s beauty stand on its own. So…


The wrong furniture in the wrong room in this Vancouver heritage home.

We took the existing dining room furniture from another room where it did not work either, and positioned it so that the architectural features of this gorgeous fireplace and baseboards were highlighted.


This room is an absolute delight now – sophisticated and gorgeous.

The home sellers loved the PRES home staging ‘new look’ throughout the home so much that they decided not to put ‘their home’ on the market until the following year. It had never looked so good and flowed so well as it did when we were finished. High praise for us… not so good for the realtor (although he did make the sale the next year)

Reposted with permission form by Dana J. Smithers of PRES Staging

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