Video Report: HOT Golf Fashion for Women in Victoria BC

Interview with Heidi Frazer at the Victoria Golf Club Pro Shop on Golf Fashion Trends


Spectacular! Spellbinding! And steeped in the very best of golfing tradition… These emotions began on June 6, 2014 as I entered Carell-Ayne Whalen Interview at VGC Golf Fashion in Victoria BC Summer 2014this world class, world famous & legendary Victoria Golf Club. This picturesque private golf course is nestled in the Oak Bay area of Victoria BC. It was established in 1893 and is the oldest private golf club in Canada.  In fact, this club celebrated its centennial in 1993 by hosting the Canadian Amateur Championship. It is consistently ranked as one of the top courses in Canada, and has had its share of royal and celebrity visitors over the years. To learn more about VGC watch this video:

My camera woman JUHLi SELBy (Social Media) and I were on a mission to interview golf fashion expert extraordinaire Heidi Frazer. The bubbly, knowledgeable and talented Heidi is the golf buyer for men’s and women’s apparel at the Victoria Golf Club Pro Shop, which was voted “2013 BEST Pro Shop” in Canada by the Professional Golf Association (PGA). I was honored. We were in the midst of true professionals.

Right from the beginning of our tour through the Pro Shop, Heidi pointed out that gone are the days of the boring, bland and beige androgynous golf apparel. Now you will see a myriad of styles and colours for men and women. In fact, I was so excited and interested to see how the colours and styles from designer fashion have influenced the colours and styles of golf clothing as well as home decor.

HOT Golf Fashion Trends for Women

Do any of you golfers remember Nancy Lopez?  Well, she’s a professional golfer who has won several Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) awards. In total she won 48 tour events. Yes she certainly knows the golf world of fashion. Visit the website here to check out her clothing line: You will see some great reversible vests that are ultra-light, feather weight and quilted. These are great wind and rain resistant pieces to use for layering when you’re golfing in Victoria BC. Our summer days can go from hot to chilly in a flash! Heidi also mentioned that this particular line was great for women of all ages.

Heidi shared what has changed in women’s golf fashion. We see more feminine styles such as cap sleeves and ruching to update and flatter the traditional women’s golf polo shirt. There are multi-purpose jackets in bright colours, and trim with details such as “on trend” buttons and zippers. These jackets can be worn for a coffee or lunch date, and then off to play golf, without ever changing your outfit.

Another great women’s item spotted: Pants with elastic waistbands in fun prints! For tops, there are a rainbow of colours to choose from to pair with a black and white print pant. This will create an ensemble that will make a memorable impression! Yes ladies, these Lisette brand pants are Oprah and Kathy Lee’s favourite. Why? Because they are “miracle” stretch pull-on pants. You can put them on, without laying down! They totally stretch and shape to fit. Most importantly, they slim and trim the figure. From the company website: “Every pair of “Pull-On” Lisette L Sport bottoms are constructed to fit like a dream and they all come with a unique tummy control design feature.”  Styles include long pants, ankle pants as well as capris. Visit the website to see styles and colours available:

“Ruching” is showing up in golf fashion

LIJA women's golf polo with ruching to flatter the figure

Photo credit: LIJA Women’s Polo with ruching detail around the waist

The highlight of the ladies golf shirts was introducing ruching to their styles to give it an updated look for 2014. What is ruching(roo’ shing)? “Ruching is a detail created by taking fabric and sewing in lines of elastic to the back in neat rows, so that the fabric puckers to create a stretchy, gathered look.” via Believe me ladies, “ruching” is your best friend – it hides our lady lumps to flatter the figure!

One of the brands that featured ruching was LIJA golf apparel ( This Australian company started up due to a lack of stylish options available in the Australian market for women golfers. They have fantastic products made from natural fibres, such as bamboo, and now they ship all over the world.

Now, I ask Heidi, is “ruching” for men? Not yet, she quietly giggles.

What’s New and HOT for Men’s Golf Fashion

Men’s fashions have changed, but not drastically. The traditional polo shirt, which used to be large & “boxy”, is now tapered and trim. And for the “young men hotties” – they have sleeves that are a little tighter, allowing the guys to show – off their toned biceps. Let’s not forget the boomer and zoomer men of golf, they may not want to show of their muscles, but they too can look cool, stylish and tailored with some bold colours and patterns.

And the hottest men’s fashion trend in golf that absolutely knocked me over was…… MEN’S UNDERWEAR!  Yes, you got it……..made by SAXX. Long johns and boxers are the styles. They are so popular that they are being sold in golf Pro Shops all over North America!

SAXX Black Men's Golf Fashion Boxers

Photo credit:

One of the highlights of this interview was the participation of a few golf members raving and bragging about how SAXX really knows comfort. In fact, one man lifted his shorts to expose his SAXX underwear (great legs, I might add)! Not to mention, the other hidden member, giggling in the corner and saying…. “I hope this video doesn’t go viral.”

And here’s a secret about SAXX: It’s a product that was invented in 2006 by Trent Kitsch, while he was an MBA student. Guess what? He’s a BC boy from the Okanagan. During his break Kitsch and his Dad went on a fishing trip, where he spent three days in an ocean suit. He found by the end of this trip he was very uncomfortable in the groin area. So he decided to design men’s underwear that would prevent this! Kitsch gained national exposure and coverage on the CBC television show Dragon’s Den. He didn’t win the deal with the Dragons, but he went on to be very successful and licensed internationally. Visit the website to learn more:

Sorry ladies, these little underwear gems, are not available for women…….yet!

Victoria BC’s Best Kept Golf Fashion Secret!

Now, as I promised, I’m going to share with you Victoria’s best kept secret… The Victoria Golf Club Pro Shop is open to the public. You don’t have to be a member to shop there! They are located at 1110 Beach Drive and the Pro Shop telephone number is: 250-598-4322. They have a great team of professionals, including Heidi, who will be there to welcome you and help with your golf apparel or equipment needs. Don’t see a style, colour or size you want? They can special order it for you! Here’s is their website:

I would like to thank the team at the Victoria Golf Club Pro Shop, and a special thank you to Heidi Frazer for her time, patience and humour as she diplomatically pointed out that “dressing for success” in golf and “dressing for success” in the boardroom are very similar. Clothing doesn’t make the man or woman, but it sure improves your game.

Carell-Ayne Whalen is a style expert and professional home stylist and stager in Victoria, BC who helps her clients refresh their living space to create a home where they enjoy spending time, and feel proud of, without breaking the bank. You can learn more about her here:

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