How Fashion Trends are Influencing Home Décor

How Fashion Trends Translate Into Home Trends – Spring 2014

Whenever I think of Spring, my mind flashes back to my fashion “daze” as a high fashion personal shopper for Holt Renfrew. I’m always aware of styles, colours and fashion trends and how they influence home décor. Sometimes, it feels to me that fashion and home décor are colliding. That isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it wasn’t long ago that there was a 5 to 6 year gap from runway fashion to furniture styles. In today’s fast-paced social media world, styles & trends are evolving as we speak. All the creative minds sharing, connecting and influencing one another, online. We don’t have to wait for fashion trends to hit department stores anymore – we can see video clips of international fashion week, on YouTube, the same week they happen! Can you imagine? At this pace, a fashion trend could come and go before we even realize it. Yikes! We could all be style dinosaurs, in less than an hour.

Bright Colours are Always Classic for Spring

One great trend for Spring 2014 is mixing bright colours – especially turquoise! Elle Décor noted about  recent remodelling products, home show, “Turquoise showed up in upholstery, wall coverings, and on furniture. And we’re talking deep and saturated, not pale and wimpy.”  Customers are now starting to dress their homes with the same personality they dress themselves. After all, “Your home is a reflection of your personality.” As Coco Chanel used to say… “Our lives are not beige, why should our homes be all beige?” How true!

Check out the fun mix of colours, patterns & textures from Betsey Johnson’s recent collection – Fall 2014:

Where To Find Design Inspiration Online

For design inspiration online you can easily find current home decor trends on sites like Pinterest – where ‘Home Décor’ is one of the top categories. Two of the top home décor brands on Pinterest are Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful Magazine. The website Houzz is another great resource – it’s the leading platform for home remodelling and design inspiration. Homeowners & design professionals can share project photos, ask one another questions and connect! Check out their great ideabooks:

Fashion Influencing Home Décor and Vice Versa

Classic patterns such as tartan/plaid & Scottish influences have shown up in home décor. One can only imagine grandpa’s favourite pajamas becoming hot runway fashion, or Aunt Ivy’s tacky, antique, footstool being reborn into the hottest fashion pieces on the runway – but it has happened! And the old fashioned black & white checkerboard floor that first appeared in Ralph Lauren’s black & white checkerboard print shirts, has been spotted in recent high fashion. However, fashion styles, as well as home décor style, always recycle don’t they? What’s your favorite recycled clothing or home décor trend?

Refresh Your Home Décor for Spring 2014 on a Budget

Don’t despair if you have boring beige furniture in your living room – anything can be rescued with some fresh fabric! It’s Spring, the mood-boosting season! You can refresh a few of your favorite furniture pieces with simple reupholstering to make older items new again. This is good for the environment, and also for your pocketbook. If you’re a crafty type you can find “how to” videos on YouTube. You can learn just about anything there now! If you’re not a do-it-yourself type for furniture projects, my colleague & fellow home style professional Daria Bunting of I Dare-Ya Designs in Victoria BC can do furniture reupholstering, as well as create custom accent pillows for a unique design refresh.

My favourite style trend is “Flea Market Chic” – because you make your own rules. For example, you can re-upholster a chair, with a bright solid colour  or with a turquoise print, add some co-ordinating pillows & accessories. Try to use “the rule of 3” when accessorizing. You can group accessories such as pillows layered large to small – using gray, white, turquoise and a pop of pumpkin( orange), as an accent colour. Now, how’s that for Spring fever? Check out this fabulous Turquoise Orange White Living Room Interior by Tobi Fairley for inspiration.

Simply Staged To Sell - Spring Home Decor Refresh 2014 Color Palette

So what is “The Rule of 3″ you may be asking yourself……. The  basic idea is in the art of placement. Furniture, accessories,mirrors & art work should be placed in groupings of ODD numbers, i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. are more appealing, memorable & interesting, than EVEN numbers. Similar to 3 act plays, The Three Stooges and The Three Little Pigs, who built 3 little houses, of 3 different materials. This rule also applies to home decor….3 items on a side table, (lamp & two accessories), 3 or 5 items on a coffee table, an odd number of pillows on a couch, etc. Who knew there was a home décor lesson within the story of the “Three Little Pigs!”

Remember, you don’t need to break the bank to refresh your home for Spring. You just need some good ideas, some inspiration and some good imagination!

Carell-Ayne Whalen is a professional home stylist & stager in Victoria, BC who helps her clients refresh their living space to create a home where they enjoy spending time, and feel proud of, without breaking the bank. You can learn more about her here:



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