Do I Really Have to Remove all the Family Photos & Religious Icons?

Home stagers need to have tact and sensitivity when it comes to asking the seller to pack up all of their beloved family photos and religious icons. It can be emotionally challenging for some sellers and we must be encouraging and also empathic to help them do their prepack.

My tag line for years has been: Remember the way you live in your home is not the way you sell your house. Your house of course is now a ‘product’ and it needs to be merchandised to be attractive to your potential buyer.

Home owner is so proud of her family and is very religious. All good for living but not for selling. The best architectural feature in this room is the fireplace but the furniture has not been placed properly and is crowded in one corner of this spacious room.


Family photos and religious icons won’t appeal to buyers!

For selling we want to create a much more neutral, spacious and inviting feeling into the main living room area. And we want to see that gorgeous fireplace as soon as we enter with the conversation grouping with it now.


With personal and religious items removed the living room has more broad buyer appeal!

We all know how important the FIRST IMPRESSION is upon entering a home. This oversize tree is imposing and very out of scale for the space.


The religious icon, candelabra and large tree do not work well together at the entrance.

A simple solution is to create a vignette that is more welcoming and it is now a better scale.


More appropriate furniture at the entrance and better scale.

The client testimonial shows how the PRES home stager and the seller can benefit from working together and stage a property in very short time with great results!

“During the consultation I was told what I needed to do before the staging team came to do the actual hands on staging. During the consultation a more neutral paint colour was selected for the entire home as many of the rooms were painted many different colours ranging from yellow to blue to orange. We needed to be more neutral so I had the painters in on the weekend. My family had worked hard to remove the tread mill out of the master bedroom, all the many personal photos and collections off the walls, a wall unit that just took up space in the family room and, we cleaned and decluttered the entire home – a very big job!

When I came home from work I was impressed! I LOVED every single room in my home – from the entrance way which was totally inviting through to the rearranged furniture in the living room, the new art and tasteful accessories into the family room, the childrens’ bedrooms and our master bedroom. I loved the new bedding that was provided as staging inventory so much that I purchased it! Our home looks so much better and now has an updated and modern feel to it.”

Agnes and Family, Surrey BC

Reposted with permission form by Dana J. Smithers of PRES Staging

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